Tha Dogg Pound "G" Tee
Tha Dogg Pound "G" Tee
Tha Dogg Pound "G" Tee

Death Row Records

Tha Dogg Pound "G" Tee

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Unveil your street style with our exclusive Dogg Pound "G" T-shirt, designed for true hip-hop enthusiasts. This black tee showcases a striking graphic of a tough-looking bulldog, embodying the spirit of the Dogg Pound Gangstas. Featuring the bold "DPG" initials and the iconic Death Row Records logo on the sleeve, this shirt pays homage to the influential West Coast rap legacy. Made from high-quality cotton, it offers superior comfort and durability for everyday wear. Whether you're a collector or simply love standout fashion, this tee is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Embrace the heritage and make a statement with the Dogg Pound "G" t-shirt today!