2-Pack Small Patch

$ 15 USD

The 2-Pack Small Patch embroidery patches comes with a Crooks Classic Logo and Skull Bunny Logo

The Classic Logo measures just over 3.25" by 2".

The Skull Bunny Logo measures just over 2" by 4.25."

Pair with a Crooks Basics Hoodie or Crooks Basics Tee to customize your own Crooks apparel

To apply your iron-on patch you will need an iron and a towel or cloth.

  1. Set your iron to a hot setting
  2. Iron the surface you want your patch to go (to smooth out the area)
  3. Place your patch on your gear and cover with a towel/cloth so it won’t burn
  4. Iron patch with pressure, at least 3-4 rounds of ironing while pressing firmly down
  5. Let everything cool down (this is when the glue really seals the patch to the fabric)
  6. Enjoy your custom Crooks gear!

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