Crooks X Barrio Saints


We are honored and proud to present a collaboration with one of our OWN. The first C&C and BARRIO Saints collaboration. A part of who we are has always been; to bring light to the truth of the crooked streets, & expose the facade in the castles. BARRIO Saints is co-signed by The Streets and certified w/the C&C stamp of approval. It's about more than the quality and design of their gear. It's about the story inside the clothes. When we heard the brands core-mantra, "Good people do come from bad and poor neighborhoods. Every Sinner had a past. Every Saint has a future." It spoke to us on a personal level; striving, aiming, working to prove to our neighborhood and the rest of the world. Barrio Saints, has quickly created recognition in the street brand category, because people see in it, what people saw in us; The Truth



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