There’s nothing like finding a place that hits the spots when you’re high. Whether it’s a spoon full of peanut butter, a week old bag of stale chips in your kitchen, or the local burger joint around the corner, nothing is off-limits when you’re high. So I sat down with Rob Marley to see some…Read the Rest


  Old school vs New school has been the subject of debate for as long as we can remember. Whether it’s comparing the likes of Kobe and Jordan, or the “Golden Era” of hip hop to its current state, some prefer the old, some prefer the new. So I sat down with someone who appreciates…Read the Rest


5. Portis Head – Sour Times This joint came out in 94, and the General put me on game with this one. I was still “in” high school so I was in that experimental stage in my life. Trying out new shit, trying out different music and just soaking it all in. This song really…Read the Rest

051013-music-remix-Mobb-Deepp-shook-ones-pt-II copy

5. Gangstarr – Mass Appeal I was fuckin with the album when it first came out, and I remember me and Lewda (R.I.P) used to mash in the Jeep at 5AM in the morning on the way to work. We were both working construction back then, so this was the joint to get us motivated.…Read the Rest

Mookee x Crooks

We had the neighborhood on smash two weeks ago for our release party. We kept the party all the way fresh following a Japanese theme to complement the culture that Yuske was bringing. We had the beer & sake flowing, Japanese cookies on deck, DJ Smalls on the 1′s and 2′s, and of course the…Read the Rest