If you haven’t heard yet, Crooks made memories for a lifetime as we took over Lure nightclub Wednesday night. To kick off the 2012 MTV VMA awards, we invited the homie Drake to host an exclusive event and give LA the biggest party of the summer. The place was showered with Crooks, bottles were delivered by girls suspended mid-air, lights came down from the ceiling, video footage commemorated our brother Lewds, and the energy was at an all-time high. We really weren’t f*ckin around! Special shoutout to Drizzy, the OVO fam, Woo for making it all possible (HAPPY BDAY!), our fam at Mosley Tribes, Ashley our VIP host and Lure nightclub. Also we gotta thank Franzen, Justin Credible, Future the Prince, & Dre Sinatra for spinning all night. Fuck wid us!


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