Here’s a recap of our last week’s adventure at this year’s SXSW!  Slightly bigger than last year to

say the least.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  Seems like the bigger corporate companies

are starting to move in on the smaller showcases not giving the unsigned acts the platform

which SXSW was designed to do.  Never the less, good times!

First order of business before we hit the streets was local food joints….Lucy’s Fried Chicken

was pretty official!

Welcome to the chaos that is SXSW!

Wednesday night SX was pretty much in full swing…Streets already packed with drunken messes!

First spot we hit was The Belmont, SOB’s 30th Anniversary…Can’t really tell you much about it

cause we didn’t get in!

Its all about the MOVEMENT!!  Grape Jelly Hoe…

Day 1…

We stopped by Nice Kicks for their rooftop showcase…Great turnout but not sure who


Rooftop view from our showcase at Six Lounge…Nike killed it with this!  Skatepark, soccer, b-ball

and dodgeball games goin’ on!

The Crooks Castle Showcase at Six Lounge…

Neighborhood Nipsey Hustle came through to rock a set…Crenshaw!

Compton native Skeme getting down…

Chi Town’s LEP Bogus Boys (G Count & Moonie) in the buildin’!  With the homie Ivan with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

Surprise visit from the legend himself…DJ Premier

Back on the streets…You never know who you’re gonna run into at SXSW.  Ran into the homie

Raekwon!  impromptu interview with LEP!

Day 2…

Time to hit the Fort!  Fader Fort is always the go to venue.  They always have a dope exclectic

mix of alternative & hip  hop artists.  A good all around vibe.

Had a chance to check out Action Bronson for the first time…He did his thing!

On to the next…Google/YouTube event!  They took over a huge parking structure!

Austin Skyline…

Talib Kweli & Black Star!!

Next stop Shady 2.o at Austin Music Hall sponsored by Fuse, Supra & Frank 151

Slaughter House opening up for the main man…

Arab Music live on the MPC…

The main event…50 Cent performing “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’” in its entirety with a live band!

Special unannounced cameo by Eminem!!  Shit was pretty epic to see a rare performance

with both of them on the same stage!

And to top it all off, 50 was rockin’ Crooks under the bullet proof vest!  Dope!

Back on the prowl…Ran into the homie A$AP Twelvy rockin’ the custom A$AP X Crooks

WAVY joint…Available soon???

A$AP Ty Beats on the Wavy too…

Day 3 (Last day)

2nd Annual SXSW B-Ball Tourney…Went to go support the homies.

On right, Dow Jones (Tha Bizness)

The homie Moonie (LEP Bogus Boys)

The Heir Up There…Chase N Cashe!!

This might be one of the best BBQ joints I’ve ever been to…Iron Works BBQ is official!!

Pork Rib, Chicken BBQ, Beef Brisket etc etc…

No need for this…

Back at the Fader Fort for the close out…Big things bout to go down!

Kendrick Lamar chillin’ back stage…

Caught up with some of the LA fam backstage…Ben Hundreds & Jon Buscemi with Ivan from JL.

MMG artist Stalley opening up for the boss!

Closing out the Fader Fort was the Boss Rick Ross…He shut it down with a solid performance

of classic & new joints!  Another highlight of SXSW!

It only got better for the last night in Austin!!  A very rare performance by Nasty Nas!!

Performing his debut album “ILLMATIC” in it’s entirety which launched him to Hip Hop supremacy!

He brought out his Queens Bridge brother AZ to perform “Life’s A Bitch”!

As if it couldn’t get any better, DJ Premier & Pete Rock spinnin’!!  Once in a lifetime


Last but definitely not least…A$AP Rocky with the Mob performing at the Vice/Krew party!

We just got off the Club Paradise tour with these cats and can tell you, the performances were

like night & day!!  SXSW brought out the full experience of the A$AP Mob performance!

Flying beer cans, crowd surfing was out of control!

The last picture of the night, right before the mob rushed a concert goer for throwing something

on stage!  The concert was cut short after that!  Don’t fuck with A$AP…These kids are


Til next year…



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